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Published by LS FP Western on 19th May 2023


Western Equipment is proud to carry a wide range of Honeywell safety products, including Honeywell electrical, heat-resistant, and welding gloves. All Honeywell gloves are specifically designed to provide the ultimate hand protection in even the toughest working conditions.


Choosing the right hand protection for the job can protect you from being injured due to sharp objects, heavy machinery, chemical exposures, and other hazards. Honeywell offers a wide range of safety gloves for sale, including electrical gloves, heat-resistant gloves, rubber gloves, and welding gloves. All Honeywell gloves are made from lightweight and innovative materials to provide excellent comfort and prevent hand fatigue. Honeywell protective gloves also feature cutting-edge designs that improve dexterity and adaptability, while also offering a comfortable fit.


Honeywell electrical gloves are uniquely designed to prevent you from being shocked or seriously injured while working on transportation, utility, wind energy, or construction projects. Our selection of Honeywell rubber gloves for sale offer a higher level of protection and feature outstanding insulation, arc flash resistance, dexterity, and grip. Some of the Honeywell electrical gloves we carry include:

Honeywell Electrical Gloves Class 1

Honeywell Electrical Gloves Class 2

Honeywell Electrical Gloves Class 3

Honeywell Electrical Gloves Class 4

Honeywell Rubber Gloves


Honeywell heat-resistant gloves provide protection against intermittent heat up to 400F (200C) from hot tools and materials. Thanks to the nitrile "N" design on the palm, these safety gloves provide a more secure grip on slick items. Unlike other brands of heat-resistant gloves, Honeywell gloves allow for better airflow to help perspiration evaporate and feature a knit wrist cuff that firmly grips your wrist to keep debris out.


Ideal for both MIG and ARC welding in dry and oily conditions, Honeywell welding gloves are fully lined with Kevlar cotton, making them water repellent, with a split leather heatproof cuff. All Honeywell welding gloves are also elasticated at the back of the hand for a comfortable, flexible, and safe fit. Honeywell gloves provide a better degree of protection, as the large cuff is designed to protect arms from mechanical hazards and splashes.


As a Honeywell gloves distributor, we strive to ensure that our customers only receive the very best hand protection products available. That is why all of our Honeywell safety gloves—Honeywell electrical gloves, Honeywell heat-resistant gloves, and Honeywell welding gloves—are designed to keep you safe and comfortable in even the harshest working conditions. Get in touch with the Western Equipment branch nearest you to learn more about out selection of Honeywell gloves.