Honeywell Fall Protection - Miller Safety Harnesses

Published by LS FP Western on 19th May 2023


At Western Equipment, we understand how important it is to take the proper safety precautions when working at height. That is why we carry a wide range of Honeywell safety products for sale, including Honeywell fall protection equipment.


Whether you are working at height, climbing a ladder, or descending into a confined space, having the right safety equipment can help improve your overall comfort, safety, and productivity on the jobsite. All Honeywell safety harnesses have been specifically engineered to provide cutting-edge safety and performance for even the most demanding applications.


Designed with comfort in mind, all Honeywell Miller AirCore harnesses feature a uniquely breathable, open-core padding technology that works to provide optimal airflow, while also reducing heat and moisture build up. All Miller AirCore safety harnesses also feature contoured ergonomic padding designed to minimize contact around the lower back, inner thighs, and neck, reducing chafing and irritation. This type of fall protection can easily be adjusted with one hand and comes in a high-visibility colour for extra safety. Some of the different types of Miller AirCore harnesses include:

Miller AirCore Front D-Ring Harnesses

Miller AirCore Wind Energy Harnesses

Miller AirCore (Aluminum) Harnesses

Miller AirCore (Steel) Harnesses

Miller AirCore Oil and Gas Harnesses

Miller AirCore Tower Climbing Harnesses


Honeywell Miller DuraFlex harnesses are constructed from a specially formulated elastomer webbing that conforms to the shape of the worker, stretching with every movement to provide greater comfort, improved safety, and increased productivity. This type of Honeywell safety harness also features a soft and flexible D-ring back pad, self-contained label pack, and integrated and oversized pull-free lanyard rings for enhanced compliance and safety on the jobsite.


All Miller Revolution harnesses feature a modular attachment design with multiple connection points for belts, tools, and other accessories, as well as a clip-on web finial design to help safely organize webbing after it has been properly adjusted. This type of fall protection also comes with a semi-flexible back shield to minimize impact from hooks and self-retracting lifelines and a unique rotary design for greater comfort in terms of mobility and bending. Some of the different types of Miller Revolution harnesses you can choose from include:

Standard Miller Revolution Harnesses

Miller Revolution Tower Climbing Harnesses

Miller Revolution Construction Harnesses


Ideal for working at height or in confined spaces, Miller HP harnesses feature bright colours to make them readily visible and easy to inspect, as well as a self-contained label pack to minimize damage and loss. Miller HP safety harnesses are available in three different styles—pull-up adjustment, front D-ring, and pull-down adjustment—making it easy to find the perfect fit for your unique requirements. This type of safety harness also comes with a comfort-touch back D-ring designed from woven, breathable material for cooler extended wear and comfort.


Choosing the right fall protection for the job can make all the difference in the world. That is why Western Equipment carries a range of Honeywell Miller harnesses for sale. No matter what industry you work in or what job needs to be completed, we can help you select the ideal fall protection equipment for your unique situation. Contact the Western Equipment branch nearest you to learn more about our selection of Honeywell fall protection products.