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Published by LS FP Western on 21st May 2023


At Western Equipment, we know that safety clothing and apparel needs to help protect your workers from jobsite accidents, while still being comfortable to wear. That is why we only carry a selection of high-quality safety clothing and apparel from some of the industry’s top brands.

No matter what industry or jobsite you are working on, we can help you find the perfect safety clothing and apparel for your specific needs. We carry clothing from top brands like SureWerx and Tuff Grade.


Safety boots offer a lightweight and extremely comfortable design that also boasts reinforced ankle protection and extra ankle room to help prevent rubbing. This type of boot also features an ergonomically designed upper boot to help allow for a better range of movement at the calf. All of our safety boots come with steel toe and mid-sole protection to help prevent accidents and injuries on the jobsite. Safety boots are oil, gas, mineral, organic, and chemical resistant, making them the ideal choice for a wide range of industries.


Disposable apparel is specifically designed to help protect wearers against dirt, grime, and other contaminants. This type of apparel is breathable, comfortable, and lint free, and is the ideal solution of non-hazardous environment applications. Some of the different types of disposable apparel that we offer includes:


Boot covers

Bouffant caps


Lab coats

Shoe covers


Flame resistant coveralls and vests are ideal for momentary protection against open flames. This type of safety clothing offers a generous styling that fits over work clothes comfortably without the worry of rubbing and chaffing. All flame resistant coveralls and vests are adjustable to help provide support and comfort, and are resistant to chemicals.


Safety rainwear is 100% waterproof, offering tough welded seams and snap storm placket closure to help keep you dry on even the stormiest days. This type of safety clothing also features PVC reflective tape in order to keep you highly visible in low light conditions. Safety rainwear jackets are available with or without a hood.


Safety vests feature highly reflective properties and colours that are easily discernible from any background. All of our safety vests come equipped with several pockets and straps, which are perfect for carrying different types of equipment around the jobsite. This type of vest is also constructed from a lightweight material with cooling underarm mesh vents to keep users comfortable for long periods of time.


All of our work/recreational apparel feature a soft and flexible water resistant outer layer, a waterproof zipper with gusset, and waterproof welded seams to help keep you dry when working outside on wet days. This type of apparel also boasts a fleece fabric liner to help keep you warm and comfortable for long periods of time. Work/recreational apparel is extremely comfortable and can remain flexible in weather conditions down to -20 degrees Celsius.


At Western Equipment, we want to help you keep your workers both safe and comfortable on the jobsite. That is why we only offer the very best safety clothing and apparel on the market. No matter what type of safety clothing and apparel you are looking for, our team is sure to help you find the perfect apparel for your specific needs. If you are in the market for new safety clothing and apparel, please contact Western Equipment at the location nearest you or by filling out a contact form on our website.