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Published by LS FP Western on 21st May 2023


At Western Equipment, we know that working from heights can pose many potential risks without the right fall protection equipment. That is why we offer a selection of top-of-the-line fall protection equipment from Dynamic Safety International and Surewerx.


Harnesses are one of the most important pieces of fall protection equipment that anyone can own. This type of fall protection equipment is designed to support a person's weight in the event that they fall while working in high places. All of the harnesses that we carry are comfortable and easy to use, and are also tested to the highest safety standards. Some of the different types of harnesses available include:

Construction harnesses

Positioning harnesses

Retrieval harnesses

Tower harnesses

Universal harnesses

Welding harnesses


Safety belts are ideal for working positions or activities where someone needs to be restrained from a leading edge, without the possibility of a vertical free fall. This type of fall protection equipment can be added to most harnesses for added back support and versatility. The two main types of safety belts are:


This type of safety belt is extremely lightweight and comfortable, making it the ideal choice for travel restraint and for certain work positioning functions. All of the industrial belt products that we carry are tested to meet and exceed ANSI and OSHA regulations, and are CSA certified.


Miner's belts are designed to be tough, comfortable, and user friendly. This type of belt features battery straps and rescue straps that are made of extra strong belting material, which is highly resistant to abrasion, UV rays, most chemicals, and humidity.


Safety lanyards work as the vital link between a worker and their fall protection anchor point. This type of fall protection equipment typically consists of short sections of webbing or cable that attached to a D-ring on a safety harness. While lanyards are an important safety feature for fall protection, it is important to ensure that you select the appropriate type of lanyard for the specific application. Some of the different types of safety lanyards are:

Positioning lanyards

Self-retracting lanyards

Shock-absorbing lanyards

Tie-back lanyards

Tower lanyards


At Western Equipment, there is nothing more important to us than helping you ensure the overall safety of your employees when working at a height. That is why we only carry and sell the very best fall protection equipment on the market. No matter what type of project you are working on, our team of highly trained professionals can help you find the perfect fall protection equipment for your specific needs. If you are looking to purchase fall protection equipment for your next project, please contact Western Equipment at the location nearest you or by filling out a contact form on our website.