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Published by LS FP Western on 21st May 2023


At Western Equipment, we know that choosing ear protection that your employees will wear is crucial. That is why we offer a selection of high-quality ear protection equipment from some of the top brands on the market, including Honeywell, 3M Safety, and Dynamic Safety.

No matter what type of ear protection you are looking for or what industry you work in, our team can help you select the perfect ear protection equipment for your specific needs.


Earmuffs are specifically designed to help block noise and manage sound levels in some of the world's noisiest environments. This type of ear protection equipment was designed with the wearer in mind by combining advanced technology and comfort features that can meet the demand of different users and environments. At Western Equipment, we offer a wide range of earmuffs with different product features and attenuation levels that fall under two main categories:


Connected earmuffs work to block ambient sounds, so the user can hear others speaking while automatically and instantly limiting dangerously loud sounds in order to prevent hearing damage. Connected earmuffs also allow users to listen to their favourite music from an AM/FM radio or a personal audio device while they work. This type of earmuff is available in everything from simple AM/FM models to sophisticated tactical models.


When it comes to blocking out noise, passive earmuffs are the best option. This type of earmuff is designed to provide users with all-day comfort, while delivering unmatched attenuation, rugged construction for standing up to the toughest work environments, and comfortable replaceable ear cushions. Passive earmuffs are suitable for most workplaces and are available in different styles, including:






Traditional styles


Earplugs are designed to prevent loud noise or the intrusion of water, foreign bodies, dust, and strong wind from entering the ear. This type of hearing protection equipment is primarily used to prevent hearing damage caused by being in constant proximity to power tools or heavy machinery in the work environment. While most earplugs are designed to be disposable, there are still many different types of earplugs to choose from, such as:


Banded earplugs offer a variety of performance features, such as a headband design that works to prevent earbuds from touching dirt or contaminated surfaces when set down. This type of earplug is ideal for use in industries or environments that only have intermittent sound hazards.


Detectable earplugs are manufactured using a bright blue colour and are metalized so that they can easily be detected by visual or automated metal detection methods. This type of earplug is also comfortable, convenient, and functional.


This type of earplug is made from a disposable foam that provides the right fit for every user and every environment, while still providing excellent attenuation. Single-use disposable earplugs are easy to use and come in a wide selection of attenuation ratings and sizes.


Reusable earplugs are designed to help reduce and save money by lasting for up to several weeks. This type of earplug can easily be cleaned with soap and water, and is ideal for environments where workers can retain and store earplugs for reuse.


At Western Equipment, we know that there is nothing more important than ensuring the overall safety of your employees. That is why we only offer the best ear protection equipment on the market. No matter what industry you are working in, our team can help you find the perfect ear protection equipment for each employee's specific needs. If you are in the market for better ear protection equipment, please contact Western Equipment at a location near you or by filling out a contact form on our website.