Straightpoint Tension Load Cells | Rigging & Handling Equipment

Published by LS FP Western on 21st May 2023


Western Equipment is proud to provide a wide selection of tension load cells/digital dynamometers from Straightpoint for a variety of different industries, such as construction, heavy lifting, arborist and tree falling, and oil and gas.

All Straightpoint tension dynamometer load cells and force sensor measurement systems are the global rigging—hoists to heavy lift—industry's number one choice for accurate, safe, reliable, and stable measurements. From 0.5ft load cells to 500ft load cells, we are able to provide you with systems and connected instrumentation and a full range of accessories with unrivalled lead times. Straightpoint tension load cells have been recognized by industries around the globe for their design and quality.


The Radiolink Plus 1t-500t wireless dynamometer/tension load cell is constructed from high-quality aerospace grade aluminum and features advanced internal design structures. This type of tension load cell provides an unrivalled strength to weight ratio, making it the most suitable option for use in harsh environments. Radiolink Plus load cells are available in two different versions:

Long range (2.4GHz) version—provides industry leading wireless range of 700m or 2300ft to Straightpoint's handheld or software options.

Bluetooth output version—can be connected to any smart phone that uses the free HHP app on iOS or Android at ranges up to 100m or 328ft.


The Loadlink Plus digital dynamometer load cell is ideal for load monitoring and heavy lifts from 1t to 300t. This type of digital dynamometer tension load cell offers advanced features—push control buttons for tare, choice of units, peak hold, pre-set tare, audible set-point alarm, and overload counter—and benefits for providing solutions for complicated load test and force monitoring. With high-speed read rates, resistance to industrial level noise, and unprecedented stability, Straightpoint's Loadlink Plus offers the highest standard resolution of any digital dynamometer on the market.


Manufactured from aerospace grade aluminum, the Wirelink Plus cabled tension load cell from Straightpoint is extremely light weight and easy to handle, making it the ideal choice for lifting, pulling, and proof and structural load testing. Wirelink Plus load cells also offer a unique strain gauging method to help compensate for wire toque when the Wirelink is loaded. While this type of load cell is often used with a 10m cable, cable lengths can vary depending on the output format.


The Towcell® tow bar load cell from Straightpoint is extremely lightweight and compact and can easily be installed onto any tow bar. Specifically designed for the emergency services, salvage, and 4x4 industries, Towcell® helps increase safety, while also helping to avoid costly overloads. This type of load cell also provides real-time monitoring of tensile towing forces during any recovery, clearance, and salvage efforts.


At Western Equipment, we know that Straightpoint load cells are some of the best in the market. That is why we are proud to offers customers with a wide selection of Straightpoint tension load cell products to choose from. No matter what industry you are working in (construction, heavy lifting, arborist and tree falling, oil and gas, etc.), our professional team can help you find the right products for getting the job done right the first time around. To learn more about our Straightpoint products, please contact the Western Equipment branch closest to you.