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Published by LS FP Western on 21st May 2023


No matter what type of rigging and material handling work you are looking to get done, our team can help you find the right equipment for the job.

At Western Equipment, we offer a wide range for high-quality material handling products from some of the best brands on the market, including SureWerx, Peerless, and Magna Lifting Products.


Hoists are designed to easily and efficiently lift or lower loads by the means of a drum or lift-wheel which the rope or chain wraps around. This type of material handling product can be operated manually, electrically, or pneumatically. There are several different types of hoists on the market to choose from including:

Chain hoists

Lever hoists

Wire rope hoists


Trolleys are designed to help maneuver lifted materials in a safe and efficient manner. This type of material handling product features specifically designed contoured wheels for reliable tracking with sealed ball bearings for less maintenance and smoother operation. Some of the different types of trolleys available are:

Geared Trolleys

Plain Trolleys


Beam clamps are used to help suspend or secure fixtures, wires, bridal rings, threaded rod, electrical boxes, and various types of hardware to beam flanges. All of our beam clamps are extremely easy to install and feature an adjustable design for fitting a wide range of beam sizes. Some of the different types of beam clamps available for purchase include:

Beam clamps pin type

Beam clamps round eye type


Load binders, also known as chain binders or chain tensioners, are designed to tighten chain tie downs in order to properly secure cargo that needs to be transferred. This type of material handling product is designed with chain hooks on each end and a handle in the centre in order to draw in the chains, adding the right amount of tension.


Industrial skates, also known as heavy-duty dollies, are used for moving heavy loads, machinery, and equipment in an extremely efficient and versatile manner. This type of material handling product is designed to allow for loads to be turned in any direction or rotated in place. Industrial skates are normally used in sets of three or more to sufficiently support and facilitate the movement of heavy loads and equipment.


Spreader bars are used to aid crane operators in picking up large and heavy loads. This type of material handling product works to distribute the load of a lift across several points in order to increase stability during hoisting. Spreader bars are commonly telescopic in length and can range in size from 1ft to 60ft or more.


At Western Equipment, we want to help our customers complete their rigging and material handling jobs as safely and efficiently as possible. That is why we only offer the very best material handling products in the industry. No matter what job you are working on, we can help you find the right material handling products for your requirements. If you are looking for new material handling products, please contact Western Equipment at the branch nearest you.