Environmental Products | Oil Pads, Oil Booms, Oil Absorbents

Published by LS FP Western on 19th May 2023


At Western Equipment, we carry a selection of high-quality environmental products from top-of-the-line suppliers, such as Pacific Spill Supply. All of our environmental products provide a high quality, yet cost effective, solution for customized spill protection.


Oil pads are absorbent, dimpled, and bonded, making them perfect for use in high traffic areas and low lint applications. This type of environmental product works to repel water based fluids and to absorb oil based fluids. Oil pads are suitable for industrial and environmental applications for quick oil absorption. This product is available in both white and gray.


Oil booms are temporary floating barriers that are used to contain oil spills in bodies of water. This type of environmental product is designed to reduce the possibility of polluting shorelines and other resources, making it easier to clean up the oil spill. Oil booms work to concentrate oil in thicker surface layers, so that skimmers, vacuums, or other collection methods can be used more effectively. These products are available in many shapes and sizes, and are made for different types of water conditions.


Floor dry oil absorbents are made from 100% Diatomaceous Earth (the skeletal remains of single-celled aquatic plants), making it an all-natural product that is non-biodegradable and completely safe for landfill disposal. This environmental product provides greater absorption for drier, anti-slip surfaces, and can absorb two to three times more liquid versus the same weight of clay based products. Oil absorbents are non-WHIMIS regulated, and are designed to not break down or mud up.


At Western Equipment, we want to help our customers provide the best possible care for the planet. That is why we only carry top-of-the-line environmental products that are specifically designed with the planet in mind. No matter what type of environmental product you are looking for, we can help you find the perfect solution for your specific needs. If you are in need of environmental products, please contact your nearest Western Equipment branch.