Cutting Tools | Annular Cutters, Drill Bits, Reamers, Taps

Published by LS FP Western on 19th May 2023


At Western Equipment, we carry a wide range of cutting tools from high-quality brands, including Drillco. All of our cutting tools are designed to handle even the toughest applications in some of the toughest industries.


Drill bits are cutting tools that are used to remove material in order to create holes. This type of cutting tool comes in a selection of sizes and shapes, and can be used to create different kinds of holes in a variety of materials, such as metal, hardwood, etc. Some of the different drill bits that we carry include:




Extra length

Taper shank and taper length



Aircraft extension


A tap is a cutting tool designed to create a screw thread in a workpiece for a fastener to enter. Taps are designed for either blind hole (spiral flute) or though hole (spiral point) applications, and can be operated by hand or by machine. Some of the threading product that we carry include:

Hand taps

Spiral point taps

Spiral flute taps

Pipe taps

Pulley taps


Reamers are a type of rotary cutting tool, most often used in metalworking. This type of cutting tool is designed to enlarge the size of a previously formed hole by a small amount, with a huge degree of accuracy in order to leave smooth sides. At Western Equipment, we carry a large selection of reamers including:

Bridge reamers

Construction reamers

Chucking reamers

Hand reamers

Taper pin reamers

Adjustable blade reamers


Annular cutters are specialized cutting tools designed for cutting through steel. Much like a hole saw for wood, an annular only cuts the outside edge of a hole, producing accurate burr-free holes to close tolerances without pre-drilling or step drilling. This type of cutting tool can be used to drill a much larger hole, and it requires less force and time than the standard twist drill bit. Annular cutters are normally operated by a magnetic drill machine.


At Western Equipment, we know that our customers deserve the best. That is why we only carry high-quality cutting tools for a wide range of applications and industries. No matter what job you are working, we can help you find the perfect cutting tool. If you are thinking about purchasing some new cutting tools, please contact your nearest Western Equipment branch.