Glossary of Terms for Industrial Supplies | Western Equipment

Published by LS FP Western on 18th May 2023


Abrasives — Objects used to smooth out softer materials by scratching away the surface to get rid of any unwanted roughness or substances.

Chain Slings — A type of sling made from chains that is used to lift heavy items, particularly on construction sites.

Cutting Tools - Pointed tools that are mounted in a power tool and used for cutting into materials.

Ear Protection Equipment — Devices used to help protect the ear from environmental conditions, debris, or loud noises.

Environmental Products — Goods that are designed to help prevent, minimize, or correct damage to water, air, soil, or other waste related problems effecting the environment.

Facility Maintenance Supplies — Essential goods that are used to keep a space clean and comfortable.

Fasteners — Hardware devices that mechanically join two or more objects, creating a non-permanent joint that can be removed or dismantled without causing damage to the objects.

Fall Protection Equipment — Devices used to help protect employees from falling when working in high places.

First Aid Equipment — Medical goods and supplies used in the event of any injury or accident occurring in the workplace.

Hand Tools — Manual, hand-held tools that are operated without the use of power or electricity.

Head and Face Equipment — Devices used to help protect an employee's face and head from environmental conditions or falling debris.

Industrial Supplies — Goods that are designed to assist in the production process, such as machinery, tools, instruments, etc.

Industrial Tape — An adhesive tape that can be used to bond objects together in lieu of using fasteners.

Material Handling Equipment — Mechanical equipment used to move, store, control, and protect materials during the construction process.

Paint, Marking & Chemical Supplies — Products used for marking or coating objects in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Power Tools — Tools that are operated with the use of an additional power source, such as electricity.

Power Tool Accessories — Abrasives, cutting tools, or other objects attached to a power tool in order to provide a specific function, such as smoothing out a material's surface.

Respiratory Equipment — Devices used to prevent employees from inhaling hazardous substances in the workplace air.

Rigging & Material Handling — Lifting, raising, sliding, or rolling heavy objects with the use of a specific set of equipment.

Safety Clothing and Apparel — Articles of clothing worn to improve the visibility of a worker, as well as to prevent minor injuries from occurring.

Safety Gloves and Hand Protection — Articles of clothing worn to protect a worker's hands from being exposed to hazardous conditions, such as chemicals, sharp edges, hot objects, etc.

Safety Supplies — Items or objects used on the jobsite to protect employees from injuries or infections.

Square Link Tire Chains — Ladder-style chains made from hardened alloy steel in order to create better traction in icy or snowy conditions.

Studded Tire Chains — Chains that are made from hardened alloy steel for added durability and superior off-road traction.

Tire Chains — Devices designed to prevent any type of vehicle from slipping in icy conditions.

Tree Marking Paint – Specialized paint used to mark and designate trees for the forestry industry and forestry management. Tree marking paint is usually fast drying and heavily pigmented so that it can be easily identified. Tree marking paint has various applications and can be used to mark trees, wood and lumber.

V-Bar Tire Chains — Ladder-style chains that work like an ice pick to provide great traction on icy surfaces.

Warehouse Storage Equipment — Devices used to help create better organization and more storage throughout a warehouse.

Wire Rope — A type of rope or cable made from wires strands twisted together.